The NDIS will increase the number of Victorians with disability receiving support.

Under the NDIS, participants can choose and control the supports and services they need. This means disability support providers will need to consider if they want to move to new arrangements:

  • block funding changing to individualized funding
  • funding is provided after services are delivered

The NDIS brings an increase in demand for support and services. This will mean more opportunities for people wanting to work in disability services.

They believe that everyone deserves the right to live the way they want to and have made it our mission to make that happen. Their range of services aims to enable people with disabilities, helping them to live life to the fullest. They are also one of the leading registered NDIS providers in Victoria and can help you navigate the NDIS to get funding and/or the services that are right for your needs.

  • Support Coordination

The team coordinate the support you receive, connecting you with services that address your concerns and help you achieve your goals. Their aim to provide services that help build capacity, resilience and independence.

  • Plan Management

They can financially manage your plan supports, paying service providers, managing expense claims, claiming NDIS payments and providing monthly statements.

  • Behavioral Support

They have behavioral specialists on-board to provide support for managing behaviors of concern. They assess your needs and develop a tailored plan that aims to reduce these behaviors and provide ongoing support.

  • Community Access

The team can assist with participation in the community through social and civic activities. Their aim to help develop life skills and abilities as well as push boundaries.

  • Personal Care

They have qualified carers available to assist with personal activates and throughout daily life. Their aim to help people with disabilities live as independently and autonomously as possible.

NDIS support coordination providers help connect people with disabilities to the support they need. Their support coordinator’s work with you to coordinate a mix of supports, finding the ones that best meet your needs day by day. This might include support for maintaining relationships, for managing service delivery tasks, or support for living more independently and interacting with your community.