Cocoon Homes provides Specialist Disability Accommodation and ensures participants have access to state-of-the-art homes in convenient locations designed for their individual needs so they can live as independently as possible.

But their needs don’t stop there, and that is where Connecting Abilities comes in. Connecting Abilities (previously Melbourne Carers Network) provides the support teams to ensure Cocoon Homes are well-staffed for support services.

However, Connecting Abilities are much more than simply a support provider. Regardless of whether the team is providing in-home support for a couple of hours per day in participants own home, or 24/7 complex care is required in a Cocoon Home, a designated support team is created to ensure the continuity of care and a deep understanding of the needs, likes, dislikes and interests of the participant to ensure they are well looked after.

To qualify for SDA funding from the NDIS, you have to meet the subsequent criteria:

  • You’ve high support needs or functional impairment
  • You can show that SDA can help you pursue your NDIS goals, give opportunities to develop your skills, & deliver long-term advantages

In alternative words, you need to demonstrate that your request for SDA funding is affordable and necessary to assist improve your independence and quality of life.

“Our focus is on ensuring that our participants are happy, healthy, and have each chance to measure life to their full potential. We have a tendency to laugh daily and realize ways in which to bring fun into daily and revel in our jobs and being a locality of our Participants’ lives.”