Two significant initiatives have recently been announced in Victoria focused on delivering positive community outcomes well into the future.

Key elements of the plan have been in response to the impact of Covid-19 on local communities and economies, and to the growth of the greater Melbourne region extending through Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat.

The draft plan also addresses issues of accessible communities, especially focused on the expansion of services connecting outer regions with the major metro centers.

It follows the commitment within the Victorian state budget of an allocation of $5.3 billion to build 12,000 homes. The initiative will increase social housing by 10% over the next four years with 9,300 new homes and the replacement of 1,100 existing properties.

2,000 of these homes will be allocated to people living with mental illness, and a further 2,900 will be for low-income earners, including those receiving a Disability Support Pension.

The program is that the largest investment in social housing to this point and is deemed a vital one by Premier Daniel Andrews, who stated, “It’s a profound investment in an exceedingly stronger, fairer Victoria – a Victoria that acknowledges everybody deserves an area to call home.”