The NDIS Commission are looking at ways to harness the skills and experience that already exist within communities and also the marketplace. Meaning they are recognising that there are areas that will be beneficial to partner with.

A report came out from the Productivity Commission reporting that:

  • It can lead to the improved well-being of people with a disability and their carers especially in relation to health, employment, education, income and life in general.
  • It may lessen the longer-term costs of care and support for people with a disability, especially when you look at the provision of public or community transport that can be accessible to people with a disability. This would have a profound impact and reduce the need for those with a disability to have to use taxis services.
  • The design of shopping centres is another example whereby it would enable people with a disability to be able to shop for themselves, rather than carers or others on their behalf, i.e. ramps and easy accessible areas and mobility services where those with vision impairment would be assisted and prevented from falling or having accidents that may lead to further disability.

So in the broader sense the community as a whole benefits. It also will break down stereotypes and promote economic sustainability such as employment and creating better networks among people in the community.