Since the NDIS scheme has been introduced, there has been a number of reports showing the impact and potential scale of economic benefits.

These statistics are taken from the NDIS website,

Economic benefits of the NDIS

  • 25,000 and 40,000 people with disability to find work
  • 34,000 carers to return to the workforce
  • Increased additional taxes and reduced income support to save the Commonwealth Budget $1.5B to $1.9B per annum
  • GDP gain from additional employment of people with disability and carers to be $18B to $23B

Number of NDIS supported new disability sector jobs created by state
When the full scheme rollout is completed on 30 June 2019, this many jobs will have been created in each statedisability sector jobs created by state

  • New South Wales: 27793
  • Australian Capital Territory: 1141
  • Victoria: 20721
  • Tasmania: 2034
  • South Australia: 6197
  • Western Australia: 9125
  • Northern Territory: 2398
  • Queensland: 17907

Not only will the NDIS have such a profound impact for people with a disability, but it will increase employment. It will help those with a disability to be able to find work and also carer numbers will increase as they will return to the workforce to fill these important roles. The statistics showing potential numbers in each state of Australia will benefit everyone.